Bible Study Minute 10/8/18

1 Thessalonians 3-5

What does your faith say about you?

I love reading through 1 Thessalonians. It is unlike any of Paul’s other letters. Every time he wrote to a church there was something going on that needed to be corrected. That wasn’t the case with this church, and coincidentally this is probably the one church where he spent the least amount of time. Everything he writes in this letter is nothing but encouragement.

In the first three chapters of this letter Paul recounts precious memories of his time with these believers. From there, he enters into the teaching portion, which is usually where he starts dropping the hammer. But, that’s not happening here. Instead, he tells these believers that they’re doing well and only need to step up their faithfulness to the next level. Your sanctification? Handle yourself well & don’t live like the unbelievers. Your love? God is teaching you, and you’re doing well. Keep working hard so no one can say anything bad about you. Even his final words at the end of chapter 5 are more of an encouragement than an indictment against them.

What does that say about these believers? This is the kind of life we should be imitating. Our goal in the faith should be to live like the Thessalonians. We should be bold in sharing our faith and working hard at our 9 to 5 and loving our brothers. If we do that, who can say anything bad against us?

Today, I want you to look at the life of these believers and the example they set. Does your life mimic theirs? If not, pray that the Lord would strengthen you by his Spirit to do so.