Bible Study Minute 10/9/18

2 Thessalonians 1-3

Are you a lazy Christian?

So many Christians are concerned about when the Lord Jesus Christ is coming back. They read and try to decipher the book of Revelation. Or, they will try to make sense of Jesus’ words in Matthew 24 and 25. Better yet, they read the newspaper and wonder how current events fit into the biblical eschatological timeline. The Thessalonian believers had similar concerns and the apostle Paul told them to pump the brakes.

In his second letter to the Thessalonians, Paul encouraged these believers to not be concerned about missing the Lord’s return or when it would take place. Yes, he gave them some minor details of what needed to happen before the Lord’s return, but that really wasn’t the focus of his letter. No, instead, Paul told these Christians to keep doing what they were already doing. Keep being faithful to the Lord, continue loving one another, endure persecution, and keep working hard. In other words, don’t sit on your butt twiddling your thumbs waiting for Jesus to come back! There’s still work to do!

Paul’s letter could be summed up like this: will you be found doing well when the Lord returns? What will the Lord say about you when he returns? Will he say well done good and faithful servant?

Is your Christian life on idle, or are you working hard to fulfill Jesus’ last words to make disciples? If not, pray that the Holy Spirit would give you the strength & zeal to do his work.