Bible Study Minute 10/10/18

Acts 18:18-19:41

Are you humble enough to be taught?

The second half of Acts 18 and chapter 19 detail more of Paul’s travels and his time in Ephesus. In the middle of these details is the account of Apollos. That aside caught my attention this morning, especially as I continue to focus on discipleship this year.

Apollos enters the scene in Acts and leaves just as quickly, but what is written about him is impactful. He is a Jewish convert to Christianity and he’s going around preaching the gospel. Aquila and Priscilla, who had spent time with Paul, hear this brother preach. They notice there are some details missing from his preaching. So, the husband & wife take Apollos aside and invest in him, teaching him fully about the gospel. Instead of reacting negatively, Apollos shows humility & accepts their correction & teaching. This then empowers him to continue in his preaching ministry with a much stronger appeal to the gospel from Scripture.

In our lives we need to be on both sides of this discipleship relationship. We need to have the humility of Apollos to accept the teaching and correction of others so we can deepen our understanding of the Word and grow our faith. At the same time, we also need to be like Aquila and Priscilla. We must be willing to disciple younger believers in their zeal, so that their faith is more robust and firmly planted in the Word of God.

Do you have those kinds of discipleship relationships? If not, pray that they Lord would bring them your way.

Bonus Minute

Paul spent nearly two years in Ephesus and the Lord blessed his time there. During that time many souls came to believe in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins.

The response was so positive in Ephesus that the people wholly turned away from their pagan practices. The people were tossing out their idols and serving the one true God. Even those who practiced magic were willing to burn their books as a sign of their faith. When the silversmiths caught wind of this they set the city in an uproar because this new religion was eating away at their profits. In a word, these Ephesian believers were going against the flow and were countercultural.

Does this resemble your Christian life? Does your faith make you stand out from the crowd so that how you live is distinct from those around you? If not, ask the Holy Spirit to help you be bolder in your faith and witness.