Bible Study Minute 10/12/18

1 Corinthians 3-4

What foolishness are you dividing over?

Too often as Christians, instead of living in unity with one another, we find any and everything to divide over. It doesn’t matter if it’s our churches, favorite teachers, or doctrines, we’ll find something to fight about. Paul finds himself addressing this problem in his letter to the Corinthians.

The Corinthian church was a church divided. This church foolishly created factions based on who brought them to the Lord. In response, Paul basically says, “Why does that even matter?!” Such divisions are pointless because all these men were working toward a common goal of building up the body of Christ. It didn’t matter who brought someone to faith or who later came along and built them up because it was all for the same purpose.

Paul then goes on to call out these believers who think they have it all together. He talks about all the hardships he and other ministers of the gospel endure for the sake of the Church. They are accounted as nothing and are mistreated all for the benefit of others, but these Christians may never know that harsh truth.

Yes, as Christians, there are things we should legitimately divide over, like false teachers and heresy. But, we should focus our attention on the things that unify us as brothers and sisters in the faith. We’re all family, so let’s love one another and act like it.

Today, examine your heart. What things have you allowed to bring division between you and others? Ask the Lord to reveal them to you, then repent and seek to live in unity.