Bible Study Minute 10/18/18

1 Corinthians 11-12

How are you using your gifts?

I absolutely love Paul’s description of the Church In 1 Corinthians 12. He describes it in such a way that it leaves little room for misinterpreting the church’s function and role. His description? The Church is a single body made up of many individual members or pieces. Such a description is something we must pay attention to, especially today.

Take a moment and think about your body. You have arms, legs, eyes, kidneys, lungs, and so on. All of these pieces come together to make your body work. Take any part of the body on its own and it’s pretty useless and will quickly die. Yes, the body may survive without some body parts, but not optimally or as designed. It’ll be hobbled. The same is true for Christians and the Church. We need each other to thrive and work optimally. When we try to fly as solo Christians, apart from the Church, we quickly die. And when the body ignores or dismisses parts it feels aren’t necessary, it suffers.

The perfect example of this, as described in the text, is spiritual gifts. So often we think they are for our own use and edification. Yet, in 1 Corinthians 12:7 Paul tells us they are for the common good of the body. That means, our spiritual gifts are to be used for others. If we’re separate from the Church we cannot fill such a command.

Remember, the church is like Voltron. Many members coming together to form an unstoppable force against sin and darkness.

So, where do you stand? Are you a lone wolf Christian or are you thriving as part of the body? Are your gifts being used at all?