Bible Study Minute 10/30/18

2 Corinthians 11-13

What are you boasting in?

For whatever reason, the Corinthian church felt cheated by the Apostle Paul and his ministry. They were looking at so-called super apostles and comparing Paul’s ministry to theirs. This examination left them wondering why Paul was so different from what they were doing. So, even though he didn’t want to, Paul used the final chapters of his letter to defend his apostleship.

When it comes to credentials, Paul could boast like no one else. He was a Jew and was at the top of his class as a Pharisee. In every way imaginable he was above and beyond. Yet, when it came to ministry, he didn’t rely on any of those accolades. Instead, he relished in his sufferings for the gospel, and pointed to Christ. Paul would only boast in his weakness, even though he had every right to boast in himself.

We need to have a response similar to Paul’s. When it comes to the gospel and ministry work, there should be zero boasting in self. Like John the Baptist said, Christ must increase while I decrease. The Holy Spirit is the one that accomplishes the work, and we are only his vessel. So, if we are going to boast, let it be in what Christ’s Spirit is doing in and through us.

Where do you stand? Are you boasting in your own accomplishments or Christ’s?