F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 103

F260 Day 103: 1 Kings 21-22

1 Kings 21-22

The final chapters of 1 Kings show the end of Ahab’s life. First we see Jezebel provoking Israel’s elders to sin by killing an innocent man so her husband can take possession of a field. God confronts Ahab as he takes possession of the land and pronounces judgment against him. Later Ahab goes to war and brings Jehoshaphat, king of Judah, with him. Even though the one prophet of God speaks against him, he goes to war anyway and is killed, just as it was prophesied.

In these final chapters of 1 Kings we are shown a contrast between two kings. First is Ahab, whose heart was set on evil. In contrast, there is Jehoshaphat, who served the Lord and did what was right. Before they went to war we see Jehoshaphat wanting to hear from the Lord. The one prophet of God spoke against going to war. Yet, even with this clear word from God, the two went to war anyway, knowing how it would end. How often do we respond the same way? God clearly speaks, yet we do the opposite, knowing what is going to happen. Instead of devoting our lives to sin, we need to devote them to the Lord.

How many times have you heard God speak and still went against his will?

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