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How to Memorize Bible Verses

Memorizing Bible verses is something every Christian wants to do, but we often find it too difficult. Well, memorizing Scripture


Slow Down: Don’t Rush Your Bible Study

Some days I hate living in a fast paced world. Information comes across our eyes a million miles a minute.


Foundations New Testament: Read the New Testament in a Year

Every year, Christians across the globe set out to read the entire Bible in a year. It’s a worthy goal


ESV Scripture Journals: The Perfect Study Companion

Can I be honest with you? Other than minimal highlights and notes, I absolutely hate writing in my Bible. I


Fortune Cookie Christianity: Bible Study’s Pitfall

Every Christian has their favorite verses. They even have Bible promises they keep tucked away for those hard days, myself


Biblical Meditation: Rightly Thinking on God’s Word

Picture it. You’re sitting on your living room floor. Legs folded, eyes closed, palms facing upward with index fingers &


What is Bible Journaling?

My days look mostly the same. So, aside from important dates and reminders, I rarely use a calendar or take


CSB Disciple’s Study Bible

The purpose of Bible Study Tips is to help you learn the Bible, connect with God, and grow your faith.


Read the Bible in a Year: the F-260 Method

A new year is quickly approaching. It’s around this time that many start making New Year’s resolutions. Talk of self


Scripture Memory: Learn to Enjoy the Process

I’ve always struggled with Scripture memory. Growing up with computers, it didn’t seem necessary. Even with my day job, a