Bible Study Tips


Taking Notes: 5 Tips to Improve Retention

You’re either for taking notes at church or against it. There’s no middle ground in the debate. Personally, I’m an


Note Taking: 4 Reasons to Leave Your Notebook at Home

When it comes to getting the most out of the Sunday morning sermon, there are varying opinions. The most stark


Table of Contents: Discover Your Bible’s Hidden Features

Sometimes in our quest for higher levels of knowledge we forget to learn the basics. I have been guilty of


Triggers: The Key to Effortless Bible Study

Back in my school days, my teachers taught me to create a routine for my work. They told me to


How to Keep a Bucket List for Endless Bible Study Material

I like to make lists and keep track of things. I have a calendar on my phone, but I also


How to Make Bible Study a Priority

We live in the information age and our lives have never been busier. As our days whirl by, we wonder


Read the Bible in a Year: the F-260 Method

A new year is quickly approaching. It’s around this time that many start making New Year’s resolutions. Talk of self


Scripture Memory: Learn to Enjoy the Process

I’ve always struggled with Scripture memory. Growing up with computers, it didn’t seem necessary. Even with my day job, a


Advent: Keep Christ in Your Christmas

The end of the year is always a festive time. In November friends & families across America gather to share


A Simple Bible Study Method

As a Christian, if you want to grow in your faith, I believe there are four things you should do:


Cross-References: Letting Scripture Interpret Scripture

Have you ever wondered what those verse references are that appear to the side or beneath your Bible text? Those


How to Choose the Perfect Bible Translation

Reading the Bible is hard enough on its own. Don’t make it any harder on yourself by using one whose