Bible Study Tips


Mobile Bible Apps: How to Study the Bible Anywhere

I remember it like it was yesterday. Our budget was shoestring thin, but my wife was willing to let me


Seven Arrows Method: Aiming Your Bible Study in the Right Direction

What do you do when someone approaches you wanting to study the Bible? They know nothing and don’t know where


How to Do a Word Study: The Complete Guide

In a previous tip on Bible concordances, I showed you how to do a simple word study. I also promised


Lyrical Theology: Mining the Depths of Music for Spiritual Growth

It was a Saturday morning and I had just finished my morning chores. I’m flipping through the channels to see


5 Things to Pray Before You Open Your Bible

When I was younger, while in a haste to complete my time in the Word, prayer is one thing I


A Reader’s Bible: Reading the Bible Differently

Have you ever wondered why Bibles are setup the way they are? We pack so much into them that they


Biblical Meditation: Rightly Thinking on God’s Word

Picture it. You’re sitting on your living room floor. Legs folded, eyes closed, palms facing upward with index fingers &


Study Your Sermon Notes for All They’re Worth

For the longest time, my sermon notes did nothing more than collect dust after they were written. There wasn’t any


Bible Concordances: How to Use Them

Have you ever had a moment when a verse comes to mind you want to share? You can remember the


Family Worship: How to Lead Your Family in the Faith

Can I tell you something? Even though I grew up in a Christian home with parents who also grew up


What is Bible Journaling?

My days look mostly the same. So, aside from important dates and reminders, I rarely use a calendar or take


How to Build a Bible Study Library

When it comes to building a Bible study library, there is lots of advice out there. Some people will tell