F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 148

F260 Day 148: Malachi 2

Malachi 2

Malachi makes two bold statements in this chapter. First, he sends a warning to the priests. He reminds them that their job is to stand as God’s messenger, but their ways have caused many to stumble. Secondly, he calls out all the men who have proven themselves unfaithful in their marriages. There are those who returned from exile only to divorce their wives and take either younger or foreign wives. The Lord is not pleased with this on a number of fronts & he wants them to change their ways.

As Christians, we have to stand up for God’s truth and his ways. We cannot water it down and and be impartial about it like the priests. Nor can we do whatever feels good to us like those who divorced their wives. But, the biggest problem is when we go around saying God is cool with those actions and he’s cool with us. We must remember that God is holy and demands it from us. He hates sin. So, we must never call what is sinful good. We must stand for God’s truth and walk in it.

Do you call evil good?

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