F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 153

F260 Day 153: Matthew 1-2

Matthew 1-2

This is Matthew’s account of Jesus’ birth. First, Matthew provides a genealogy showing the lineage of Jesus back to from Abraham to David, and from David to Jesus. We clearly see that Jesus is both a son of Abraham and David. Next we see how God speaks to Joseph and guides him over the course of several years, from not divorcing Mary to keeping them safe. After the birth we see the wise men visit from the east with gifts, as they worship the Messiah.

One of the most important things we see in Matthew is the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy. Matthew quotes from Isaiah, Micah, Hosea, and Jeremiah showing how Jesus fulfills each prophecy. As he fulfills prophecy, we see that he is indeed the Messiah and saves people from their sins. This is why we worship him.

Do you see how Jesus, even at his birth, fulfills Old Testament prophecies?

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