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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 166

F260 Day 166: John 6

John 6

After feeding the five thousand, the crowd wants Jesus to give them more food. At this, Jesus tells them he has something greater to offer than mere food, like Israel received in the wilderness. Instead, he is here to offer eternal life, which comes through belief in him. Some of the disciples who followed him found this teaching difficult, so they stopped following him. But, the twelve continue to follow Jesus.

As the crowds showed, following Jesus is easy and convenient when it aligns with what we want. But, will we continue following when it’s no longer convenient and the teachings are difficult? Many deserted Jesus after telling them he was the bread of life. Like the disciples, we must choose, and it is our choice that proves whether or not we are his disciples and have eternal life.

Are you still following Jesus even when his teachings are difficult?

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