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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 17

F260 Day 17: Genesis 29:1-30:24

Genesis 29:1-30:24

Upon arriving to Haran, Jacob gets a taste of his own medicine at the hands of his uncle. Hoping to marry Rachel, he ends up with the older sister Leah after working for seven years. Jacob then works another seven years to marry Rachel. It’s hard to blame Jacob for being tricked & not getting the woman he loved, but that doesn’t mean he needed two wives, let alone sisters. What ensues is not good. More family drama and sibling rivalry, but this time between sisters.

The sisters now compete for their husband’s love through sex and childbearing, especially Leah, who always got the short end of the stick when it came to Jacob’s love. By time everything settles down, Jacob has four wives and twelve children (eleven sons and a daughter). Madness.

God doesn’t condone any of this; but, again, he works in the midst of the drama. He promised Abraham a multitude of offspring and we begin to see it here with the sons who would become heads of twelve tribes.

Do you see God working in the midst of life’s drama?

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