F260 Day 2: Genesis 3-4

Genesis 3-4

In Genesis 3-4 we see the fall of humanity into sin. It all begins with Adam and Eve in the Garden when they fail to obey the Lord’s commands. They eat from the tree of knowledge of good & evil, plunging them into sin. This sin continues to their offspring when Cain kills his brother, Abel.

Yet, in the midst of sin, the most important thing we see is God’s response. He shows grace. While he punishes sin accordingly, he also covers his people. He bans Adam & Eve from the Garden so they do not eat from the tree of life. God then covers them in animal skins, showing the death required to cover sin. He then shows Cain grace by marking him. Then, ultimately God gives Adam & Eve another son who follows the Lord in Seth.

Even in the midst of your sin, how has God continued to show grace in your life?