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F260 Day 2: Genesis 3-4

F260 Day 2: Genesis 3-4

Genesis 3-4

In Genesis 3-4 we see that humanity has a sin problem. It begins when Adam and Eve eat of the fruit God commanded them not to eat. Each person shifts blame, instead of confessing and taking responsibility. This results in all parties being cursed & expelled from the Garden.

We then see this pattern continue with their son Cain. He presents a not so great offering & God comes to him with an opportunity to address the issue, and to be mindful of the temptation to sin. Instead of repenting, Cain digs in his heels and eventually kills his brother, bringing a curse upon himself, just like his parents. And, instead of turning to the Lord, Cain says he has to hide from God.

With sin & temptation always ready, what steps can you take in your life to rule over it so you don’t end up like Cain?

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