F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 221

F260 Day 221: Romans 7-8

Romans 7-8

Sin is a problem for all of us. And its strength grows through God’s law. The law is good, but sin uses the law to produce desire to sin by making it known. And this struggle is a constant battle we cannot win. The only way to have victory is through Christ’s work. With the Spirit we are enabled to live for God and die to sin. And because of this, no matter what comes our way, we will never be separated from God or his love for us.

God’s Spirit is with us every single day. Because of this, we can win the battle we daily wage against our flesh and its desire to sin. When we make that choice, we are making the choice to live to God and the new life he has given us. That is a decision we must make day by day, moment by moment. But, the beauty is Christ enables us to live this life, and we are not on our own.

Are you choosing to live for God or your flesh?

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