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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 234

F260 Day 234: Ephesians 3-4

Ephesians 3-4

In chapter 3, Paul explains how the Gentiles being a part of the body of Christ was a mystery that has now been revealed, and that he is called to preach. He then calls the believers to walk worthy of this faith they have received. This means walking in unity with one another and putting away old sinful ways.

Paul tells us the role of leaders in the church is to equip the saints for “the work of ministry.” We tend to think “ministry” is something done by leadership, but it is the job of every believer. That work of ministry is to share the gospel and make disciples. No believer is excused from that work. We must all be diligent to complete the work God gave us.

Are you doing your work of ministry?

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