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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 251

F260 Day 251: 1 Peter 3-4

1 Peter 3-4

Peter encourages believers to pursue godly behavior. In the same way Christ died for sin, we are to be finished with sin in our own lives. This is the aim of the believer. With this, Peter tells his readers to expect persecution: 1) because we are living set apart from the world, and 2) because Christ also suffered. But in this suffering, we are to glorify God every step of the way.

As Christians, we must remember the life we live is no longer our own. It belongs to God. As such, that means we must change how we look at things, like sin and how we live. Our old sinful ways are put to death and we walk in God’s ways. Some people might ridicule us for it, but as long as we are honoring God, it’s all that matters. That should be our focus everyday and if suffering comes as a result, so be it.

Are you going to glorify God in the midst of your suffering?

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