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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 33

F260 Day 33: Exodus 12

Exodus 12

Exodus 12 has lots of important details. I dare say it’s one of the more important chapters of the Bible. God prepares to send the final plague upon Egypt, the death of all firstborn. Moses gives Israel special details for how they are to prepare for this event. He even tells them this is to be an annual festival and reminder of what the Lord will do that night. The plague hits. Pharaoh demands that Moses & Israel leave Egypt. 430 years in Egypt are now over, just like that, just how God said it would happen.

The Passover is so important. It is a story of God’s faithfulness and might. He proved he is God above all false gods of Egypt. He redeemed, rescued, and saved his people. And it even points us to the true Passover Lamb, Jesus Christ.

Do you remember the Passover & share its story?

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