F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 56

F260 Day 56: Deuteronomy 8-9

Deuteronomy 8-9

It’s so easy to forget about God when things are going well in our lives. This can be such the case that we can even think that we acquired everything by the strength of our own hands. Moses warns Israel against such thinking in Deuteronomy 8-9. He implores Israel to keep and remember the ways of the Lord as they enter the Promised Land. Moses also warns the people against thinking they have entered the Promised Land because of their own righteousness. Instead, he reminds them that they are a stiff-necked people and God is driving out the land’s inhabitants because of their wickedness. God and his righteousness are the only reasons Israel was able to inherit the land.

In much the same way, this is how we experience salvation. It does not come by the work of our own hands or because we are so deserving of being saved. Our salvation comes because of God’s own righteousness in Christ and his grace toward us.

Are you prone to forget the Lord when everything is going well in your life?

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