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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 73

F260 Day 73: 1 Samuel 9-10

1 Samuel 9-10

At this point in the narrative, Saul enters the picture. He is searching for donkeys that have run away. During his search he encounters Samuel, the prophet. God tells Samuel that Saul is to be king of Israel. Samuel gives Saul many signs to confirm this message as he returns home. A week later, he is chosen by lot and anointed king of Israel.

Israel wanted a king, but it is not what they needed. But, God answered their cry and gave them a king, a king they could literally look up to. Sometimes God answers our prayer and gives us what we ask for, even if it’s not what we need. Why? So we can learn from experience that what we requested is not God’s best for us. When we pray to God, we must make sure it is aligned with his will so we do not end up asking for something that ultimately shows we have rejected the very God we are praying to.

Have you ever prayed for something that ultimately took you away from God?

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