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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 80

F260 Day 80: 1 Samuel 28; 31

1 Samuel 28; 31

In these chapters we see the final days of Saul and his sons. The entire Philistine army has come against Saul’s army leaving Saul unsure of what to do. He tries to get a word from the Lord but is unsuccessful in all his attempts. In a last ditch effort, he finds a medium who is able to raise the spirit of Samuel. Samuel reaffirms the word he gave Saul earlier. Saul’s disobedience has silenced the Lord and God has taken the kingship away from him. Then Samuel tells Saul he and his sons will die in battle the next day. True to Samuel’s words, the Philistines kill Saul and his three sons in battle.

Sin and disobedience have an expiration date. There are only so many times in our life that we can disobey the Lord before he stops answering us and leaves us to our ways. Saul reached this point, as any repentance he had was superficial. Saul’s end is a warning for all of us. At some point God’s voice and answers stop coming if we persist in sin. And the end result of sin is death (Romans 6:23). This is why it is imperative that we turn to Jesus and accept his offer of forgiveness of sins & newness of life.

Are you delaying walking in obedience to God’s commands?

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