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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 86

F260 Day 86: Psalm 51

Psalm 51

As the title tells us, David wrote this psalm after being confronted about his sin against Bathsheba & Uriah. Instead of trying to defend himself, David recognizes the error of his ways and quickly turns to God in repentance. This psalm is his prayer for restoration. He asks God to cleanse him from his sin and rebellion. David then asks for a renewed spirit that is sustained by God himself. Finally, he will tell of God’s goodness so others can experience this renewing grace of God.

This psalm is a beautiful picture of repentance. Whenever we sin, our life should embody this psalm. We ask God to cleanse & forgive us, renew our spirit in humility, and then share the news of God’s grace with others. And, for as much as this psalm is about repentance, it is just as much about the gospel and discipleship. As we experience God’s goodness, we ought to be compelled to share it with others so they can experience it as well. That is both evangelism and discipleship in action. That is the life of the Christian.

Do you use your repentance as a means of testifying about God’s salvation & grace?

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