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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 94

F260 Day 94: 1 Kings 3; 6

1 Kings 3; 6

Solomon loved the Lord and walked in his ways like his father, David, did. Yet, he did not do it perfectly. He tolerated worship at the high places and he married Pharaoh’s daughter. Yet, the Lord still blessed him. One night the Lord appeared to Solomon and told him to ask for what he would like. Solomon asked God for wisdom to rule God’s people, which pleased the Lord. Some time later we see the expression of this wisdom as he judges between two mothers.

In 1 Kings 6 we see the details concerning the construction of the temple. It was a seven year process that resulted in an ornate structure of worship for the Lord. This is exactly what David wanted to build, but was fulfilled through Solomon. Israel built the temple according to every specification given.

When God came to Solomon, he could have asked for anything. Yet, he chose to ask the Lord for wisdom. It pleased the Lord to answer this prayer. Even for us today, it pleases the Lord to answer this prayer time and time again. James 1:5 tells us that if we ask God for wisdom he will give it to us. In many ways, this is also the heart of what the psalmist prayed for in Psalm 119 when he wanted understanding. Our prayer for wisdom needs to first be God focused as we strive to walk in obedience to his ways, which is then lived outwardly toward others as we see with Solomon in 1 Kings 3.

Do you regularly pray & ask God for wisdom?

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