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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 97

F260 Day 97: Proverbs 3-4

Proverbs 3-4

As Solomon writes to his sons, he stresses the importance of listening to his words and keeping God’s commands. There are several ways we do this. First, we trust the Lord to lead and direct our lives. Next, we do not withhold good from others when it is within our power to do good. If we do not abandon wisdom and stay on its path, it will not desert us, but bring us life and happiness.

One of the ways we trust in God and walk in wisdom is by honoring him with our possessions. It is one thing to say we are living for God, but it is something else entirely to prove that with our possessions. As people, we often think like “what’s mine is mine.” But, the reality is it all belongs to God and we only manage it on his behalf. When we recognize this, it becomes easier to give back to God all we have and trust him with that as well.

Are you honoring God with your possessions?

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