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A Simple Bible Journaling Method

A Simple Bible Journaling Method

Do you struggle to remember what you read in the Bible? Do you need a better way to maximize your time in God’s Word?

If so, then I have the solution to your problems: Bible journaling! Bible journaling is a key spiritual discipline that we can use as believers to grow. Not only that, but it’s one of the best ways to get the most out of your Bible study and devotional time.

In this week’s Bible study tips video, I will teach you a simple Bible journaling method that you can use every single day with any passage you study. The method is called HEAR journaling, which was developed by Robby Gallaty, founder of Replicate Ministries. Over the course of this video I’ll explain the method and even share with you an entry from my journal.

The best thing about this method? Start today with some pen & paper!

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