F260 Day 10: Genesis 16-17

Genesis 16-17

Genesis 16 shows us the second time Abram took God’s promise into his own hands. After a decade of living in Canaan he still has no heir. So, Abram & Sarai take matters into their own hands. Sarai gives Abram her slave Hagar as a wife so he can have a child with her. The planned worked & she gave birth to Ishmael. But, this caused all kinds of issues in their marriage, not to mention the trouble it’d cause Israel in the future.

Thirteen years later, God once again speaks to Abram. His promise hadn’t changed. He was to have a child with his wife Sarai, and it was going to happen within a year. And the promises God made will continue through this miraculous son, Isaac, not Ishmael. In other words, God didn’t need Abram’s help to fulfill his word.

Too often, we’re the same way. When God delays we think we need to make moves and help him out, instead of patiently waiting. The end result? We muck things up and complicate our lives, just like Abram.

Have you ever tried to takeover for God, instead of waiting for him?