F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 10

F260 Day 10: Genesis 16-17

Genesis 16-17

Genesis 16 shows us the second time Abram took God’s promise into his own hands. After a decade of living in Canaan he still has no heir. So, Abram & Sarai take matters into their own hands. Sarai gives Abram her slave Hagar as a wife so he can have a child with her. The plan worked & she gave birth to Ishmael. But, this caused all kinds of issues in their marriage.

That said, let’s focus on Hagar, who is sometimes forgotten in all of this. While she played a role in her mistreatment by looking down on Sarai after becoming pregnant, there is no excuse for her mistreatment. The treatment was bad enough that it caused her to run away. Yet, it is in this moment that the Lord himself meets her in her distress. He comforts her, has her change her attitude, and sends her back to Abram & Sarai. The situation doesn’t change, but her outlook in the situation does because she knows the Lord has seen her.

When we are in distress and cry out to the Lord, he sees and hears. He meets us in those moments, like he met Hagar.

Do you trust that the Lord hears your cries & will meet you in your circumstance?

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