F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 11

F260 Day 11: Genesis 18-19

Genesis 18-19

The Lord once again visits Abraham, this time with two other angels. Abraham has them stop as he refreshes them with food. During this time Sarah is told she’ll have a son within a year. God then tells Abraham what he is about to do to Sodom & Gomorrah. At this, Abraham asks him to spare the cities if 10 righteous are found, knowing Lot lives there. God eventually destroys the cities, but spares Lot’s family.

Much like God heard the cry of the afflicted & mistreated Hagar in Genesis 16, the Lord has once again heard the cries of those who have been mistreated in Sodom and Gomorrah. So, when Abraham asks, “Won’t the Judge of the whole earth do what is just?” The answer is yes, yes he will. We can rest knowing that God will bring justice to those who are afflicted and punish the wicked for their evil deeds. It may not always happen in our time, but we can trust that this is the character of God. And like with the sparing of Lot, we also know that this justice will be just.

Do you trust that God is a just judge?

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