F260 Day 11: Genesis 18-19

Genesis 18-19

The events in these chapters come right on the heels of Abraham receiving the covenant of circumcision. Abraham is just chilling when God and two angels show up on the scene. He insists on serving them before they continue on their journey. It’s amazing to note that Abraham recognizes that this is the Lord he is speaking to, especially when he learns of God’s plan to destroy Sodom. Abraham pleas with the Lord to remember his character, that he is a God of justice and does not treat the righteous as he does the unrighteous. God agrees to spare the city if he finds ten righteous people. As we know from the next chapter, only Lot and his family are spared from the destruction because the Lord remembered Abraham.

The most outstanding thing in this passage is how Abraham spoke to God. He had an intimate knowledge of who God was. This allowed him to speak to God in such a way that he could ask God to move according to his character. We also need such a deep knowledge of God, but it only comes through studying his Word. As we learn more about him, our prayers & requests will be in better alignment with his will & character.

How well do you know God’s character?