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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 76

F260 Day 76: 1 Samuel 17-18

1 Samuel 17-18

Some time after David is anointed by Samuel, Israel is once again at war with the Philistines. This time they are at a standoff with Goliath, a giant, wanting someone to fight, in a winner take all battle. David is sent to the frontlines to see how his brothers are doing. He overhears Goliath’s disregard for God and fights him. He kills him and Israel wins. From that day forward David lives permanently in Saul’s house. But, he quickly becomes Saul’s enemy because of his constant military successes.

When it comes to David’s battle with Goliath, it is important to note that we are not David in this narrative. We do not go out and fight giants and armies. If we’re honest, we’re the rest of the army on the sidelines, cowering in fear. Instead, David points us to Christ. In the same way David kills Goliath, Christ crushes the serpent’s head and gives us the victory. Our victories are in Christ because of the work he has done on our behalf. But, if we do want to be like David in this scenario, we should stand up against those who would defy our God and stand up for the true & living God.

Do you stand up & defend God’s name when you hear it being disrespected?

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