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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 189

F260 Day 189: Acts 7

Acts 7

In response to the accusations against him, Stephen tells them about Israel’s history. He begins with Abraham and God telling him his descendants would be slaves in Egypt for 400 years.Then there was Moses. God called him as a deliverer and ruler over Israel, a man they rejected. He then continues through Israel’s history showing how they rejected God at every turn. Stephen ends by saying the religious leaders are no different than their ancestors who killed the prophets & reject God. At this, the religious leaders stone him to death outside the city.

When we turn our hearts away from God and his word, we resist the Holy Spirit. Even as believers this is something we can do. It might not be to the same extent as an unbeliever who flat out rejects God’s truth, but we do the same when we turn from following him. Instead, we must be receptive to the word and Spirit, and walk in obedience to it. That is how we walk in step with the Spirit instead of resisting him.

Do you ever find yourself resisting the Holy Spirit?

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