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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 188

F260 Day 188: Acts 6

Acts 6

As issues arise in the church, the apostles continue to use wisdom and rely on the Holy Spirit. To alleviate one of the major disputes, they have the people select seven who will serve as leaders to oversee their disputes. One of the men selected was Stephen, who we are told is full of faith & the Holy Spirit. The narrative briefly shifts to him as we see the works he did. As a result, people made up lies against him, so as to silence his work.

In this short chapter, verse 7, in particular, stands out. Luke tells the reader that many priests came to faith in Jesus. Given what we saw in Luke’s gospel and the previous chapters, it is interesting. It shows us that no one is too far from God. It also shows that the gospel is powerful enough to save anyone, even its opponents. As such, we must remain diligent in sharing the good news, knowing that it has the power to change lives, even the lives of our enemies.

Do you pray for your enemies to come to faith?

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