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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 68

F260 Day 68: Judges 15-16

Judges 15-16

Samson’s life and judging in Israel was marked by personal vengeance. God used this characteristic of Samson to accomplish his means. God allowed the circumstances Samson faced and used them as opportunities to attack the Philistines. Samson’s fleshly desires ultimately were his undoing, falling in love with a woman who sought to destroy him. But, even in his death, God used Samson one last time to defeat the Philistines.

In many ways, Samson’s life is a summary of 1 John 2:15-16. Samson’s downfall came from his love of the world. His lustful desires for women he didn’t need to be with, his disregard for his vow, and the pride he took in his strength. Each was his downfall. They can also be our own downfall if we do not keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. Unlike Samson, we must not only call out for God when we need him, but daily because we need him everyday.

What lessons have you learned from Samson’s life? How does it make you follow God better?

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