F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 67

F260 Day 67: Judges 13-14

Judges 13-14

Once again Israel has done evil in God’s sight and he has sent his judgment upon them. This time God has given them into the hand of the Philistines. After 40 years, God comes to a barren woman, the wife of Manoah. He tells her she will give birth to a son who will deliver his people. She is also given very specific instructions for how he is to be raised. We then see this child, named Samson, grow up and live a life we do not expect.

In this passage, the thing that stands out the most is Manoah’s prayer. He has been told his wife is going to have a child and he wants to know how to raise the child. How many of us turn to God and ask him how we should raise our children? This is a prayer we, as parents, need to pray for our children. We then need to turn to God’s word to learn how we ought to do that.

Have you asked God to help guide you in raising your children?

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