F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 66

F260 Day 66: Judges 6-7

Judges 6-7

Israel has once again spiraled into disobedience, and this time the Lord allows the Midianites to oppress them. God comes to Gideon and has him deliver Israel. Hesitant at first, God reassures Gideon that he is sending him and will be with him. After tearing down the altars for the idols, God gives Gideon an army of 300 men to defeat the Midianites.

The hero of this narrative is God. Gideon was the instrument God used, much like the rest of the judges. God assured him and gave him just what he needed to secure the victory. And God did it in such a way that there was no mistaking that it was his hand that delivered Israel. But, even while nervous and hesitant, we see that Gideon obeyed God’s command. No matter what God calls us to, we must walk in faith, trusting that God’s in control.

Do you still trust and follow God’s commands even when you’re scared and unsure?

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