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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 92

F260 Day 92: Psalms 148-150

Psalms 148-150

The Lord deserves the praise of his creation, which is the focus of these final psalms. Psalm 148 shows that all of creation has reason to praise God for his works. And God’s name alone is worthy of exaltation. Psalm 149 is a psalm of triumph, signing praise to God as he gives victory over adversaries. Finally, Psalm 150 simply asks us to praise God because he is great and deserving of praise. Everyone that walks this earth has reason to praise God.

We are God’s creation and we were created to worship him. We are creatures of worship, so we ought to give it to the one who created us, instead of giving it to lesser things. As we have seen in the psalms, God is wonderful, just, true, and gracious, so he deserves all the praise we can give, and then some. Our lives should be filled with praise and thanksgiving to God.

Is your life a life of praise unto God?

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