F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 61

F260 Day 61: Joshua 5:10-15; 6

Joshua 5:10-15; 6

As Israel enters Canaan, the daily supply of mana stops. The people are now able to eat from the land. After observing the Passover, they prepare their conquest of Jericho. They do this by following some strange instructions, but do so in obedience to Joshua’s command. As a result, the wall crumbles and they are able to overtake the city, while sparing Rahab’s family.

God’s instructions and plans don’t always make sense to us. But, that is no reason for us to doubt him or follow our own ways. In those moments, we need to continue to walk in obedience. We must trust that the Lord’s plan is good and for our good. Likewise, when God says leave stuff alone because it’s his or not worth having, that is also important to heed. If God says it’s not ours, it will only bring us harm to lay hold of it. The bottom line, we must trust God and walk in obedience.

How do you make sure you’re walking in obedience to the Lord’s commands?

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