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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 255

F260 Day 255: 1 John 4-5

1 John 4-5

As John closes his letter, he warns his readers of the false teachers and prophets who are in the world. But, then he gives very clear signs for how you can know if you and others are in the faith. First, do you confess that Jesus has come in the flesh and is the son of God? Second, are you walking in love? John argues that we cannot say we love God if we do not exhibit love for one another. The argument is how can you love what you haven’t seen when you aren’t even loving what’s right in front of you? And ultimately, we know we love God and his people when we keep his commands.

There is one thought that comes to mind with this passage and John’s admonition. It is this: we are so quick to give to foreign missionary work as Christians, but we often ignore needs that are local to us. We are willing to love on people we don’t know, but not those we can see with our own eyes. As believers, myself included, we must show our love in tangible ways, as it must be in word and deed. Love is walking in Christ’s commands.

Are you keeping God’s command to love?

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