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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 256

F260 Day 256: Revelation 1

Revelation 1

The apostle John received a revelation from the Lord, which he wrote down. John wrote about things that were to soon take place. He was to distribute it to the churches, seven in particular. Before he writes individually to each church, John describes his encounter with the risen Lord and how awestruck he was by his appearance. Jesus tells him to not be afraid and then begins to tell John what to write to the churches.

The readers of this book of prophecy are called blessed, but specifically those who keep its word. This was a word for the readers John sent these letters to. For us, as modern readers, we must understand the context and properly frame it if we are to have a right interpretation of what is being said. Any application we make from Revelation must be made in light of this, as with any text of Scripture.

What encouragement do you have knowing that Jesus is alive and has defeated death?

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