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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 257

F260 Day 257: Revelation 2-3

Revelation 2-3

Revelation 2-3 contains the letters to the seven churches. The letters are short and right to the point. Through John, Jesus points out an issue in each church or a difficulty they are facing. The admonished churches are called to repent and turn back to the Lord and their former works. The other churches are called to endure their present trials, knowing they will be conquerors with Christ.

As with all the epistles, they were written to a specific group of people at a certain time. These letters are no different; but, we can still find application in them. The overarching theme is to examine your heart and life, and then repent and turn to the Lord. If you are no longer zealous for the Lord like you used to be and are tolerating sin, repent! If you’re facing difficulty, trust the Lord to see you through it. Know that any opportunity to repent is from the Lord and he does it because he loves us.

What encouragement do you find in these seven letters?

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