F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 59

F260 Day 59: Joshua 1-2

Joshua 1-2

The book of Joshua begins with God speaking to Joshua. In the span of nine verses, God tells Joshua three times to be strong and courageous. Above all, Joshua must be strong and courageous to remain obedient to God’s Word. He must meditate on it day and night, and never let it depart from him. This is how he will remain obedient and find success. Such a word was important for Joshua because he was in the midst of a people who wanted God’s blessing without walking in obedience to his commands.

In much the same way, we must be obedient to God’s Word and strong and courageous to do so. We live in a world where it’s not popular to live by Christian morals. That is why we must be strong and courageous. As believers, the Holy Spirit gives us the strength to obey, but the courage to follow through rests on our shoulders.

Are you strong and courageous enough to walk in obedience to the Word?

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