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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 113

F260 Day 113: Isaiah 52-53

Isaiah 52-53

As a people, Israel rejected God and walked in constant rebellion. But, the Lord is bringing salvation to them. This salvation will come by way of their long awaited Messiah, but not in the way they expect. This servant of the Lord is crushed and killed so that our sins are atoned for. And God was pleased to do this because it meant salvation for his people.

It is difficult to think that it would please God to inflict the kind of punishment on someone that we see in Isaiah 53. Yet, he is because it was always the plan, and we see this crushing and death are not permanent. The servant will be satisfied with his work because he will have brought salvation to those who know him. This is what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross. He bore our sins and paid their due penalty. It pleased God for him to take our place because it means we now have right standing with God.

Are you excited about the good news of God’s salvation?

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