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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 112

F260 Day 112: Isaiah 44-45

Isaiah 44-45

The emphasis of these chapters is God and his uniqueness. There is no other god like him. Unlike idols, the Lord knows and predicts the future. He is not made with human hands, but is the one who fashioned all of creation by the work of his own hands. And to prove this, he gives a prophecy of how an ungodly king named Cyrus will be used to deliver and restore Israel. Through this, all will see that God alone is savior and all idols are worthless.

The one thing made clear in this passage is God is the one who saves, and he does this however he pleases. At the same time, he also shuts people’s eyes and ears from understanding his ways as a form of judgment. For example, the people who make their own idols just don’t get how foolish it is. Only God can open their eyes to this truth. We must keep this in mind when we share the gospel with people. We have to remember that it is only through the work of the Spirit that their eyes are opened. It is not by our eloquent words or works. God alone is savior, not us.

Do you trust in the God who knows and controls the future?

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