F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 250

F260 Day 250: 1 Peter 1-2

1 Peter 1-2

Peter is the author of this letter and writes to believers in Asia Minor who are suffering persecution. The purpose of this letter is to encourage their faith and to fix their eyes on Jesus and his character as they face suffering. The salvation of their souls is their ultimate aim. As such, believers should conduct their lives in such a way that God is glorified through their actions.

No matter the difficulties we face in life, our call is the same. Christians walk in obedience to God’s word and live holy lives unto him because he is holy. This means walking in love toward one another and not giving anyone reason to slander us other than our faith. Even in the face of persecution, we can still live this kind of life. The goal is to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and we can endure whatever comes our way and do so in a way that honors & glorifies God.

Are you living a holy life unto God?

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