F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 249

F260 Day 249: 2 Timothy 3-4

2 Timothy 3-4

To close his letter, Paul warns Timothy of the difficult days ahead. He lets him know that people will walk away from the faith because of false teachers and their own sinful desires. This is true even for those who are always learning. In response, Paul tells Timothy to keep the faith and to always be ready to preach the gospel. The gospel is the means by which he can combat the difficulties ahead, as well as guard his own faith & life.

Those who are called to preach the gospel should always be ready to share it with others. The word is for correction, rebuke, and encouragement, which we all need in our lives. For the believer, it also equips us so we can complete the good works God prepared for us. So, we should ever keep God’s word before us so we are ready to share when the opportunity arises.

Are you always ready to share God’s word with others?

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