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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 248

F260 Day 248: 2 Timothy 1-2

2 Timothy 1-2

Once again, Paul writes to Timothy, his son in the faith. This time Paul writes to encourage and strengthen Timothy’s faith. He reminds him to not be ashamed of the gospel and to hold firm to what he’s been taught. Paul also charges Timothy with replicating his faith so that others can do the same. All of this is to be done as a diligent work unto God.

If we do not hold on to the teachings we have been taught and stay close to the Lord, it is easy to drift away from him. This can happen in several ways, whether it be false teachings or leaving the faith altogether. There is life in Christ Jesus and we must hold on to that, and make sure we are teaching it correctly to others. The faith we hold and the character we present are both witnesses to the gospel.

Are you replicating your faith?

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