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F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 238

F260 Day 238: Hebrews 1-2

Hebrews 1-2

The unknown author of Hebrews writes this letter to encourage believers in their faith. The central focus of the letter is tying together the Old Testament and showing how Jesus is its fulfillment. In its opening, he shows how Jesus is greater than the angels. Then he talks about Jesus’s relationship to humanity and how it was necessary for him to take on flesh. By doing this, he was able to both pay for our sins and be our high priest.

We have to remember that Jesus is real and walked this earth in flesh and blood. The only difference is he did not sin. But, he was still tempted and faced all the same challenges we face. Because of this, we can trust that God understands what we’re going through. So, when we pray to him, we’re not praying to someone who doesn’t get it. He knows; he understands. That is huge and should strengthen our prayer life.

How does Jesus’s humanity strengthen your prayer life?

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