F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 158

F260 Day 158: Matthew 6

Matthew 6

In this part of the sermon, Jesus focuses on our actions and the audience we’re seeking. There are many things certain people do so they will be seen by others. Jesus says those who do that have their reward, especially when the correct audience for those actions is God. When we give it should be done without boasting. When we pray it should be to God in private. We should not look miserable while fasting so as to show our piety. Jesus wants us to put our focus on God and his kingdom, knowing that God will take care of the rest.

Jesus’ statement that our hearts are tied to our treasures is a real statement. We only care about those things that are important to us. If earthly treasures are our aim, then that is what we will chase after and where our heart’s attention will be. Instead, we need to focus on God, his kingdom, and serving him. When we have that as our ultimate focus, the rest of life’s details tend to fall in place, however that might look.

Where is your heart’s focus? Who is your audience?

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