F260 Day 22: Genesis 41

Genesis 41

After two more years in prison, Joseph finally gets his day. Pharaoh has a troubling dream that he cannot shake. His best magicians cannot interpret the dream. Then, the cupbearer finally remembers Joseph. Joseph is brought in and successfully interprets the dream. Pharaoh then puts Joseph in charge to see that the kingdom is saved from the impending famine.

The true beauty in this chapter isn’t in the dream or the elevation of Joseph. No, God’s sovereignty is the star of the show. God is the one working, moving, and elevating. He put Joseph in the right place at the right time. God was the one who gave Pharaoh the dream. God is the one bringing the famine. He is the one who elevates Joseph to leadership. In every single detail God is in control. This is a great comfort and should bring us much peace.

Do you trust that God is in control?