F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 194

F260 Day 194: James 1-2

James 1-2

James, the Lord’s brother, writes a letter to the Jews who have been scattered because of persecution. He reminds them to use these difficulties as a means of perseverance and growth in their faith. James also encourages these believers to not just be bystanders, but actively live out their faith by loving others just as well as they love themselves. It is this action that proves their faith is genuine.

Head knowledge is not enough. What good is it to know what Christ has done for us if it does not change our lives? As believers, the Holy Spirit dwells in us and enables us to keep the two great commands of loving God and loving people. But, if we do not do that, then can we say we really have faith? That is the question we must wrestle with on a daily basis. The easy fix is to put our faith into action and live out God’s commands.

Is your faith living and active?

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