F260 Bible Reading Plan - Day 193

F260 Day 193: Acts 13-14

Acts 13-14

While in Antioch, the Holy Spirit called Paul and Barnabas to missionary work. In response, the two men, along with their team, traveled and preached the word of God. They would teach in the synagogues to the Jews first, and then to the Gentiles. As they taught, many would come to faith. But, the unbelieving Jews would stir up the people against them so that they would have to leave the city they were in. As they traveled and made their way back to Antioch they encouraged and strengthened the disciples.

The work these two men did in the latter part of their journey is a great picture of discipleship. They did not just leave these believers to their own ways or as infants in Christ. Instead, they doubled back and made sure to strengthen them in their faith so they would know how to live and to expect persecution. We need to be mindful of this in our own lives, making sure we are helping other believers grow stronger in their faith.

Do you look for opportunities to encourage and strengthen others in their faith?

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